En lösning till biogasbrist

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En lösning till biogasbrist

Inlägg av cbg » 2014-06-18, 12:33

One partial solution to the occasional gas shortages in Stockholm and elsewhere in Sweden is to begin importing it from Finland.

Production of upgraded biogas is growing much faster than consumption in Finland meaning that more and more of it is used for power and heat production instead of transport, where it is meant. This growing resource could be imported into Sweden to help in the biogas shortages and to increase the share of biogas in transport methane consumption in Sweden.

I will give a few figures. The traffic biogas statistics until 2012 is available at
http://www.biokaasuyhdistys.net/media/T ... 1-2012.pdf.

The 2013 statistics will be published in September, but I can already reveal some data. Upgraded biogas production in 2013 was 32.8 GWh, which is 5.9 times more than in 2012. And the growth will continue. Several new upgrading plants are now in construction. By August the production capacity will rise to 140 GWh (from 9 upgrading plants). The planned biogas upgrading plant investments would rise the production capacity to 1.9 TWh by the end of 2016. It is unlikely that all investments are realized and in time, but anyway there is great interest in growth in this area. And although the usage and filling station network (https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit? ... gSa9MoWUuY) grows it is extremely unlikely that there would be transport use for all of it within Finland.

To give you a comparison to the predicted Finnish 1.9 TWh transport biogas production, the total biogas production in Sweden in 2012 was 1.6 TWh and 53 % of it was used in transport. This will grow substantially especially due to the new Göteborg SBG plant, but still you can see that the amounts potentially available from Finland are substantial and could help a lot both in the biogas shortages and to counterbalance the tendency to increase fossil methane (not only natural gas, but also shale gas and other types of unconventional fossil methane available via LNG terminals) use in Sweden.

Biogas is already imported from Finland to Germany. Why not to Sweden?
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