Teknikneutral vokabulär för metan bränslen

Allt om som har med gas att göra.
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Teknikneutral vokabulär för metan bränslen

Inlägg av cbg » 2014-05-19, 07:01

Why is biogas in many countries sold as CNG and not CBG?
Why in the European Commission alternative transport fuel strategies and legislative proposals the technologies to be promoted are electricity, hydrogen and natural gas instead of electricity, hydrogen and methane?
Why are methane cars marketed as natural gas cars (CNG), not methane cars (CMG), although electric cars are marketed as electric cars and hydrogen cars are marketed as hydrogen cars?
Why are methane filling stations in many countries called natural gas stations (CNG) instead of methane gas stations (CMG)?
Why are methane filling stations in Sweden called fordonsgas stations instead of methane gas stations?
Is it correct that fordonsgas mean methane only, when many other gaseous fuels are also used, e.g. hydrogen, LPG, DME, wood gas, etc. ?
Why would anybody call synthetic biogas (SBG) (such as is produced in the GoBiGas plant in Göteborg) biosynthetic natural gas (Bio-SNG)?
Why is liquefied methane gas (LMG) called liquefied natural gas (LNG), especially when also liquefield biogas (LBG) is in the market?
In general, why would anybody use fossil energy names for any renewable energy sources?

Of course, some actors within fossil fuel industry is behind these practices. But many actors within fossil fuel industry are not. E.g. in Italy (number one methane vehicle market in Europe by a large margin) methane filling stations have always (since 1940s) been called methane (metano) filling stations, not natural gas filling stations, even when they sell only natural gas. Why would wishes of a part of natural gas and coal industry (coal industry is behind bio-SNG), which are motivated by sales of fossil fuels, be in the way of marketing renewable fuels?

For environmentally conscious consumers CNG is a hard sell. Why would methane fuel sellers use fossil energy names instead of technology neutral or renewable energy names?

I believe that to increase the market share of biogas and other renewable methane fuels (such as SBG and wind methane) in transport, it is necessary to end calling them fossil fuels (quite trivial isn't it).

The Finnish Biogas Association has made a proposal to change the vocabulary of methane fuels in marketing both fuels and vehicles.
It is available here: http://www.biokaasuyhdistys.net/media/P ... nsport.pdf

An introduction to renewable methane fuels is found in this publication made for the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications:
http://www.biokaasuyhdistys.net/media/R ... conomy.pdf
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